Brenda Hurley in Zurich

Here is a very interesting mail I received from an avid reader of our Newsletter, Brenda Hurley who performed (piano) with Irish Heritage at St Bride’s in June 2011.

My news is that in August 2012 I became the Director of the International Opera Studio in Zurich Opera (IOS), so now I am living full-time in Zurich! 

 It was a big life-change for me and it is extremely challenging to be the head of this very prestigious young artists’ programme, especially since it is all in German! It is also a great privilege. Each year we have 14-16 young singers on the programme, plus two repetiteurs and we even have a young conductor. It is truly international. We have young artists from all around the world.   Last year we had one young Irish baritone on the programme, Ben Russell from Co. Wicklow. He had a great year and, even though he was the youngest on our programme (24), he landed himself a full-time contract in Wiesbaden Opera House from next year, which is very exciting. He is one of the best young singers coming out of Ireland these days. 

Here is the link to the IOS. We welcome applications for the year 2014/15.

Brenda Hurley